Services and Rates

Custom Lipstick and Cosmetics

$varies per

image Customized Vegan Mineral Cosmetics & Lipstick.  Your very own custom color cosmetics are hand-blended right before your eyes within a matter of minutes!

Starts @

Small Mineral Eyeshadow $8

Large Mineral Eyeshadow $14

Mineral Blush/Bronzer/Concealor 



Mineral Foundation $18

Lipstick $16+

Lipgloss $12

Lip Therapy $8

Custom Face $75 Includes:


Blush or Bronzer

3 small eyeshadows

1 lipstick

1 lip therapy

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Detox Facial

$60 per 45 minutes

imageThis luxurious treatment blends manual lymphatic massage of the face and neck, and ayurvedic massage style techniques to stimulate circulation, release stagnant tissue fluids, facial puffiness, sinus pressure and congestion, facial tension and releases stress. This treatment enhances natural beauty with the use of anti-aging Grapeseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Rosehip Oil. A detoxifying masque concludes this detox facial treatment.

Choose from the following masks:

 Seaweed/Sea Algae (stimulates circulation & naturally exfoliates)

Natural Honey (stimulates circulation, naturally moisturizes)

Great for allergy sufferers, sinusitis (no active infections), dull complexion, facial pain, headaches, TMJ discomfort and so much more. This treatment also enhances natural beauty by stimulating circulation which brings fresh blood , o2, and nutrients to the tissues giving you a more youthful, radiant glow.

*40 with wellness pass



$60 per 45 minutes

Aromawrap is a new service utilizing Plant Therapy essential oil blends designed for immunity boosting, germ-fighting, stress reduction and more. A mixture of the Plant Therapy oils and skin nourishing grapeseed oil will be brushed on the body, you will then be wrapped in mylar and a thermal space blanket to assist in dexofication. You will also receive a gentle scalp massage. Excess oils/perspiration will be removed with hot towels. You  will be revitalized and renewed and your skin will be amazingly soft and smooth. $40 with wellness pass


$60 per 45 minutes

Foot treatments are designed to target over-worked feet, reduce stress, tension, and improve gait.  Great for non-acute tendinitis,  plantar fasciitis, strains and sprains.

Foot Reflexology Massage (with hot towel wrap)    $60 per 45min ($40 with wellness pass)



Signature Detox Therapies

$60+ per

Detox Massage is a combination of massage techniques that stimulate circulation and release of stagnant tissue fluids.  This specialty massage incorporates friction, kneading, skin rolling, percussion, lymphatic facial massage, warm towel abdominal massage, hand and foot reflexology techniques.  Great for athletes and active individuals, seasonal allergy and sinus sufferers, fatigue, sluggish digestion, mental stress and body tension and those that want to improve over all wellness. Improves circulation and lymphatic flow and enhances well-being and improves immunity.  Specially formulated herbal oils are used during this treatment to enhance circulation.  Not for certain medical conditions.

*$75/hr   $40 with wellness pass


Detox Facial Massage Treatment

Manual lymphatic massage of the face and neck promotes lymph flow, reduces excess tissue fluids and sinus congestion, pressure and pain. Great for sinusitis, allergy and headache sufferers. Enhances natural beauty by increasing blood and o2 to the underlying tissues, relaxes facial muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Anti-aging Grapeseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Rosehip Oil is used and finishes with a detoxifying seaweed or specialty mask. image

$60 or $30 with wellness pass





Detox Massage with Thermal Wrap

Our signature detox massage is concluded with a special wrap in mylar film and a thermal space blanket to reflect body heat and induce the detoxification process by sweating.

$105/75min or $85 with wellness pass



Detox Wrap

An exfoliation of the back, arms, and legs with skin nourishing oils and sea minerals preludes a body mask of pure seaweed and sea algae to stimulate circulation and release stagnant tissue fluids. The mask rejuvenates the skin leaving it silky smooth.

$125 or $95 with wellness passimage


A Day of Detox 2.5hours  $195

A package designed to relieve physical and mental tension as well as fatigue and enhance well-being by promoting the elimination of metabolic wastes from consumption, the environment, a sluggish lymphatic system and inflammation brought about by stress. Rejuvenates the mind and body and improves over-all wellness.

Includes: massage, lymphatic techniques, reflexology and thermal wrap.


All of our detox therapies are designed to increase circulation, flush the tissues of metabolic wastes and excess fluids, improve over all well-being and immunity. If you have certain medical conditions these therapies may not be for you. We advise you to consult with your primary care giver before starting any lifestyle change. We provide alternatives for those seeking a natural approach to health and well-being. Proper hydration before and after detox therapies is essential. Most clients feel renewed and revitalized after sessions. If you experience fatgue, feel light headed, or taxed after your session it is suggested to increase water intake and rest. You may need to increase your frequency of sessions for optimal health. Please contact us to see if our detox therapies are right for you!



Holistic Headache relief

$50 per 35 minutes

image Can help with the discomforts of TMJ Dysfunction!

Holistic Headache Relief

A hands-on approach for chronic and stress tension headache and migrain sufferers.  Focus is on neck, shoulder, facial and scalp trigger points in a quiet, dimly-lit room. Warm and cool stones may be incorporated, aromatherapy included, but optional.


Ala carte/add-ons

$varies per per treatment

Pure Argan Oil Scalp Massage with optional aromatherapy             $20/15 min, $35/30min

Add Anti-oxidant/Anti-aging Massage Oils $12

*(blend of Grapeseed, Argan and Rosehip Seed Oil)

Add Pure Argan Oil  (Known as "Liquid Gold" in Morocco) to any massage $10

Add Plant Therapy Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend to any massage add  $10

Germ-fighter ("Thieves Oil" to help fight illness), Immunity boosting, Stress Relief

Add Custom Aromatherapy (single notes) to any massage add $5