Services and Rates


45 minutes: $45
60 minutes: $55
90 minutes: $75

Reflexology consists of stimulating "reflex" points on the soles of the feet that correspond with the organs and organ systems of the body. It is thought that if there are troubles within the body it will reflect in the feet.  Although reflexology is not intended to diagnose, it can help bring awareness to the client's well-being.

Foot treatments are designed to target over-worked feet, reduces, tension, and improves gait.  Great for non-acute tendinitis,  plantar fasciitis, strains and sprains.




Sole to Soul Reflexology

60 minutes: $65

An "energetic" reflexology session with emphasis on healing the mind, body and spirit and to bring about pain relief within the body.

Healing tones at 174Hz and 528Hz play softly in the background.


174Hz is a natural anesthetic, especially of the lower extremities and low back. Helps to balance the lower Chakras and brings about peace and comfort. 

528Hz is the Miracle tone and helps to repair DNA and is associated with the Solar plexus.

Essential oils or your choice of incense will be available to calm the senses in a dimly lit space.

Detox Facial

45 minutes: $50

Luxurious treatment blends lymphatic drainage of the face and neck, as well as Ayurvedic techniques to stimulate circulation, release stagnant tissue fluids, facial puffiness, sinus pressure and congestion, facial tension and release facial tension. This treatment enhances natural beauty with the use of anti-aging grapeseed oil. A detoxifying masque concludes this detox facial treatment.

Choose from the following masks:

Botanical Clay ( Soothing)

 Seaweed/Sea Algae (stimulates circulation & naturally exfoliates)

Natural Honey (stimulates circulation, naturally moisturizes)

Great for allergy sufferers, sinusitis (no active infections), dull complexion, facial pain, headaches, TMJ discomfort and so much more. This treatment also enhances natural beauty by stimulating circulation which brings fresh blood , o2, and nutrients to the tissues giving you a more youthful, radiant glow.

***Not for those with nasal polyps, structural blockages, difficulty swallowing or certain cancers.



45 minutes: $35

The AromaWrap is a new service utilizing therapeutic grade essential oil blends designed for immunity boosting, germ-fighting, stress reduction and more. A mixture of the essential oils and skin nourishing grapeseed oil or coconut oil will be brushed on the body, you will then be wrapped in mylar and a thermal space blanket to assist in detoxification. You will also receive a gentle scalp massage. Excess oils/perspiration will be removed with hot towels. You will be revitalized and renewed and your skin will be amazingly soft and smooth.

Choose from a variety of essential oils, custom blended on site.

Aromatherapeutic Sugar Scrub

Area of body : $25

Aromatherapy Salt/Sugar Scrub

All natural sugar scrub infused with  clinical-grade essential oils and skin nourishing grapeseed or coconut oil infused vitamins to slough off dull skin, increase circulation and hydration.  An application of coconut or grapeseed oil concludes this treatment.

Choose your aroma, create a blend! (100% natural, essential oils) 

Back only $25.00

Back, Arms, and Legs $45.00

Holistic Health

Per treatment : $85

Sacred Winds


Based on Native American purification this mind/body/spirit session begins with a full body "smudge" with sacred sage and sweetgrass, followed by a botanical cane sugar and agave body exfoliation, ending with a purifying detox wrap with sacred sage oil. VEGAN




Ancient AyurVedic India

This body treatment begins with detoxifying salt scrub infused with mustard oil and citrus oils to stimulate the body, followed by a mustard oil thermal wrap, ending with an application with warm essential oils of sandalwood, rose and more.  Aromatherapy can be suited to taste. VEGAN


 ***mustard oil is pungent but has been used to reduce muscle tension and to cool off the body (inflammation).



 Mayan "Food of the Gods" Treatment

A magical Mayan - inspired holistic body treatment.  This treatment begins with a body exfoliation with cane sugar and agave nectar, followed by a clay, cacao bean and coconut milk body wrap, ending with an application of warm coconut oil.   Cacao is known for it's body healing, beautifying and mood enhancing properties.

Holistic Spiritual Health

*Varies : *Varies

Spiritual Health Consultations are available and open to all faiths.

 Consultations and coaching.


Sessions are based on needs.

May include:

Crystal Consultation/Gemstone Divination $15

Hands on Holistic Healing




Breath Work

Chakra Meditation/Balancing


Custom Made Blessing Bags

Blessing bags are custom made for your needs to draw in protection, health, abundance and love.   Unique to each individual. To be carried on your person, in a purse, placed in your car or home to be a reminder of good things to come. 

May contain a variety of oils, stones, herbs, coins, affirmations etc.


Anointing Oils

Custom Blend Oils, all natural with essential oils $8



 Does NOT take place of medical or mental health care!